About Us

Selecting the right recycling program should be as simple as Pack-Ship-Done. Since 1996 NLR has offered the best in mail-back recycling programs for universal waste from coast to coast. Serving large corporations, nationwide retails chains, schools and lighting contractors to name a few, BakPak is the #1 program for reliability, compliance and TRUE Recycling.

Our program was created around the way you do business with ease of ordering, packaging and fast-safe FedEx delivery back to NLR. All program costs are inclusive with no hidden fees or charges. Many of our packaging hold more waste at lower price than all competitors.

Since NLR is a direct recycler of lighting waste and not a broker you can be assured that your waste is recycled in the most environmentally sound and sustainable manner. All components reclaimed from our recycling process (glass, mercury powder, plastic, metal) is either reused or returned to its elemental form.

Each BakPak product is specifically designed to guard against any environmental breach. From secure twist locking lids to high density innerpak liners, NLR maintains all DOT and FedEx guidelines for compliant and safe packaging & transportation standards.

Since we are a direct recycler with a VIP FedEx partnership, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Many of our products are up to 50% less than our competitors with a proven pricing strategy that has no hidden costs.

NLR maintains facility, transportation, and pollution liability insurance in accordance with all state and federal requirements for the hazardous waste industry. In addition we maintain the highest permitting standards for Facility Operations, EH&S and DOT processes in the industry today! A certificate of insurance accord and all transportation permits can be downloaded here.